Psychology little hans evaluation

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Little Hans - Freud (1909)

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Evaluation of Freud's case study of Little Hans

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Evaluation of Little Hans (Freud, ) in terms of the research method used The aim of the study conducted by Freud was to report the findings of the treatment of a five-year-old boy for his phobia or horses.

Learn More Psychology Download psychology articles, Freudian Psychology; Evaluation of Freud; Freudian Psychology. Explaining Phobias: Little Hans.

Little Hans was one of the cases used by Freud to prove his theories on our development. Hans possessed a fear of horses, which was explained by a dislike of his father. Little Hans was one of the cases used by Freud to prove his theories on our development.

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Hans possessed a fear of horses, which was explained by a dislike of his father. In repressing this fear, however, Hans transferred it onto horses, whose black blinkers made them resemble his father. Little Hans?, it was argued, was afraid of horses because the horse was a symbol for his father.

For example the black bits around the horses face reminded the boy of his fathers moustache, the blinkers reminded him of his fathers glasses and so on. Freud () – Little Hans May 24, A Level Psychology H, AS Psychology H, Individual Differences, Individual Differences H, H, Individual Differences, OCR Psych Yogi Freud, S.

Case Study Method

() Analysis of a phobia of a five-year old boy. Use SPECIFIC study findings to back up your phisigmasigmafiu.comtion using PEE/ PEC structured paragraphs • Psychology is a science so you MUST evaluate scientifically.

due to researcher bias and other explanations may not be considered (Hans’ may have learned the fear through classical conditioning after seeing a horse rear up).

Psychology little hans evaluation
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