Psychological contract theories of managing

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The Relationship between the `Psychological Contract' and `Employment Relations'

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Psychological contract

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The Psychological Contract

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Delivers Engaged Employee Delivers Superior Performance Organizational and Individual Targets Luiz, Bruno de Paula Organization Behavior – Professor Joe Chevarlley Page 3 B. Based on your theory of management and today’s environment, answer the following questions: a.

The Psychological Contract is an increasingly relevant aspect of workplace relationships and wider human behaviour. Descriptions and definitions of the Psychological Contract first emerged in the s, notably in the work of organizational and behavioural theorists Chris Argyris and Edgar Schein.

The psychological contract is a concept that originated in the s and was later developed by American academic Denise Rousseau. It describes the understandings, beliefs and commitments that exist between an employee and employer. Psychological contracts are important to management scholars and practitioners because they influence how individuals think, feel, and behave in organizations, thus providing the basis for coordination and cooperation among employees, managers, executives, and business owners.

The Psychological Contract

A psychological contract, a concept developed in contemporary research by organizational scholar Denise Rousseau, represents the mutual beliefs, perceptions and informal obligations between an employer and an employee. It sets the dynamics for the relationship and defines the detailed practicality of the work to be done.

A psychological contract is an unwritten contract that describes the understandings, Motivation theories for your employees. and so changes in the needs of the company may be perceived as breaches of the contract.

Proactively managing employees’ expectations therefore becomes an ongoing and necessary process.

Psychological contract theories of managing
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