How to write app.config file in c windows application

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How To Use the Settings Class in C#

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Read/Write App.Config File with .NET 0

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In a Console Application project Im trying to write values to the file and save it permanently but are only able to save it in memory.

I've developed a windows service application using Visual Studio / C#. I have an file in the project. When installed, the file appears beside the executable but it appears not to be reading the values from it when I try to access them through phisigmasigmafiu.comtings.

Apr 16,  · In the Add New Item dialog box, select the Application Configuration File template, click Open, and then add the file to the project.

How To: Write User Settings at Run Time with C#

Note The Visual or Visual Studio IDE copies to the folder where the executable file is compiled and renames it in. .config format.

Transfer data with the AzCopy on Windows

Feb 08,  · Is there any way to embed file in C# windows application with the following content. Since I don't need to read or write this file, I would like to embed.

Is there any way to do this? Sarvanan. Friday, July 08, PM. Reply | Quote. I want to store the connection string and some parameters in file which we generaly do for windows aplication but I can't find file for console application.

Using Log4Net for a Windows Console Application How to write app.config file in c windows application
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