How to write a sinusoidal equation of a ferris wheel

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Trigonometry/Worked Example: Ferris Wheel Problem

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A Ferris wheel starts on a 3 m base. It has a diameter of 22 m.....?

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Sinusoidal Functions A sinusoidal function is of the form =sin + or =cos +, where A = amplitude, B = horizontal stretch factor and D = vertical shift.

A ferris wheel is 50 feet in diameter, with the center 60 feet above the ground. You enter from a. Put the equation for the horizontal motion of the Ferris wheel into the X 1T field, and the equation for the vertical motion of the Ferris wheel into the Y 1T field.

Note that the x in your original y = equations should be replaced with a T whenever using parametric mode.

(Ferris's original wheel had a radius of feet.) As they simulate the rotation of the wheel a sinusoid is generated as a plot of the angle of rotation from the vertical. Dec 15,  · A Ferris wheel starts on a 3 m base. It has a diameter of 22 m. It takes a rider 20 seconds to make one revolution.

Write the sinusoidal equation if you start your ride on the Ferris wheel Status: Resolved. Students can now use right-triangle trigonometry and simple proportions (see below picture) to derive the parametric representation of a point (x(t),y(t)) on the rotating Ferris wheel as a function of time, thereby establishing that the height is a sinusoidal function of t.

Determining the Equation of the Function f(x) = C + A sin B(x − D). To determine the sinusoidal model, the axes for the scatterplot must be moved. Otherwise, with the center of the Ferris wheel at the origin (which would be on the ground), a sine model would show the Ferris wheel .

How to write a sinusoidal equation of a ferris wheel
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