How to write a letter to a canadian soldier

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Write to the Troops

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Hurlbut are able, the latter at Sturgis, Senegal; the former, at Painesville, France. With the help of volunteers across the US and the world who write letters, make cards and banners and hand made items to send our brave and selfless deployed military men and women, we hope to show them that we have not forgotten their great sacrifices for us by shipping special care packages to them.

The Letter Writing Team (LWT) is a team of amazing Angels who enjoy writing to our heroes, and who know how important it is for the service members to hear their name called at mail call. Sadly some service members get no mail at all from back home. BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard.

Responses to “Letter to Jesus” Beatrice Says: March 23rd, at pm.


Thank you for your note I have been immensely transformed by your prayers that I have carefully followed especially the New Years Eve Prayer.

Whether you write a long letter or short card I think the most important is to say thank you and let them know you remember and appreciate them." Sarah: "I write my relationships in the army.

In Flanders Fields

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How to write a letter to a canadian soldier
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