How to get a second date

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Dating Over 40: How to Get a Second Date

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12 Things Men Can Do to Get a Second Date

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Be tremendous to getting to do him. Guys — I did nothing. This is just a first date, not a lifetime. We tend to want to dig deep and get it all out all at once.

Slow down and get comfortable with taking time to get to know him. If you do not get a second date it will not be because of the 'awkwardness' at the end of the date. For future; do nothing. If he was good enough to ask a stranger to go for a date, then a little awkwardness will not stop him to sort out a second date.

How To Get A Second Date (By Acing The First)

If you played the first date right, having sex on the second date is in your grasp. But, before you get there, continue with the random texts, calls, etc.

Continue building that mystery by revealing just a little more about yourself.

How To Get A Second Date

Though the second date feels like it is eons away, it isn’t, and everything you do before and during the first date will determine if you get a second date.

Chatting long before the first official date determines if there is a connection or not. By attrition alone, you’ve just made it a little bit easier to find a woman that you will be able to get through more than one date with.

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How to get a second date
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