Doctoral dissertation in psychology

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Thesis and Dissertation Projects

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Doctoral Dissertation Defense | Psychology

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Psychology Dissertation Topics

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Ph.D. Program - Experimental Psychology

Starting the dissertation. Nate Tomcik-a fifth-year doctoral student in the clinical psychology program at the University of Tennessee-has an interest in his research on therapists' views of couples therapy because it allowed him to integrate research with his clinical work with couples.

A Path to Prominence Lehigh has embarked on an ambitious new plan that will enable it to evolve into an even stronger, more dynamic university.

Learn more about our exciting future here >. Each doctoral program, whether at one of our California campuses or online, provides coursework in your field, along with dissertation work that helps you dive deep into your industry’s challenges and allows you to apply your knowledge to real scenarios.

The doctoral dissertation project requires the student to demonstrate a sound understanding of the scientific process upon which professional competence is based and provide a contribution that may be of an applied nature.

Send an Abstract or summary of your proposal to the A&S Pre-Award CGO You will need to know: Where will your work occur? Your budget/justification.

Doctoral Dissertation Completion Grant

Your CGO can assist in building one for you.

Doctoral dissertation in psychology
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